Application load failures are now captured for the Google Meet hardware devices

What’s changing

In November 2023, we announced a series of improvements for managing Google Meet hardware devices, which included surfacing additional information about device issues, such as a description of the issue, when the issue was detected, and more. Today, we’re adding an additional data point: admins can now see when the Google Meet app fails to load for a device.

“Application load failures” will now be displayed in the “Device status” column.

When you click on the alert, you’ll see more detailed information on the error.

Getting started

Admins: To filter for devices that are in the “Application load failure” state specifically, navigate to Admin Console > Google Meet hardware > Devices > Filter by ‘Device Status’ and select ‘Application load failure’.Visit the Help Center to learn more about understanding device usage in your organization.End users: There is no end user impact or action required.

Rollout pace

Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains: Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting on March 18, 2024


Available to all Google Workspace customers with Google Meet hardware devices