Google Meet increases support for ultra-low latency live streaming to the first 25,000 viewers

What’s changing 

For Google Workspace editions that support 100,000 viewers, we’re increasing the availability of the Google Meet ultra-low latency viewing experience for live streamed meetings from the first 10,000 viewers to the first 25,000 viewers. All additional viewers will have the standard live streaming experience. This update is available for live streams within your organization on web and mobile. 
With the ultra-low latency viewing experience, you’ll notice improvements such as a virtually lag-free streaming experience, significantly increased speaker video resolution, improved automatic camera cuts that focus on the most relevant speakers and content, and more. For more information about the ultra-low latency viewing experience, check out our original announcement as well as a recent announcement with more information about improvements.

Getting started

Admins: Visit our Help Center for more information turning live streaming on or off for Meet.End users: When enabled by your admin, use the Help Center to learn more about live streaming a video meeting. Viewers: You can join streams as before. Reactions, polls and live Q&A work just as they do in a regular Meet video meeting. Visit the Help Center to learn more about viewing a live stream.Live stream hosts: Live streams are scheduled and managed just like before. Reactions, polls and live Q&A are integrated with the Meet call and managed like usual. Automatic camera cuts are triggered by speaker activity without any host action required.

Rollout pace

Rapid and Scheduled Release domains: Available now.


Live streaming is available for Google Workspace:Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus Enterprise Essentials Plus Education Plus and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade
Live streamed meetings can be viewed by Google Workspace:Business Starter, Standard, and PlusEnterprise Starter, Standard, and Plus Education Fundamentals, Standard, Plus, and the Teaching and Learning UpgradeEssentials Starter and Essentials users.
Not available to users with personal Google accounts.

Note: For some customers, these changes may roll out at a slower rate and they may not receive this update for several months.