Import data from other messaging platforms using the Google Chat API is now generally available

What’s changing 

Google Workspace developers registered in our Workspace Developer Preview program have been able to import user data from other messaging platforms into Google Chat using the Google Chat APIs. This functionality is now generally available to all Workspace developers and admins. 

Who’s impacted

Admins and developers 

Why it’s important

In order to import data, you can create a Chat app and “import mode” Chat space. Within an import mode space, Chat apps can import the following data as equivalent REST resources:
MessagesAttachmentsReactionsMemberships with the following considerations:Historical memberships must be imported when a space is in import mode. You can’t import historical memberships after the space completes import mode.Other existing memberships from the source messaging platform must be created after a space completes import mode.Members must be users within the same domain.Spaces: only SpaceType.SPACE is supported.
This is a helpful workflow for those who are transitioning from other messaging platforms to Google Chat. Rather than copying source data into regular spaces, import mode has the following advantages:
Preservation of resource creation timestamps: You can set a historical time for the creation times of space and message resources, letting Chat apps retain historical context during user adoption of Google Chat.

End users can’t view or access spaces in import mode: To prevent user interference with a space undergoing data import, or to avoid possible user confusion as a result of viewing an in-progress data import, spaces in import mode are hidden from end users. After a space has completed import mode, you can add users to the space.

Chat turns off notifications during import mode: This helps users to avoid unnecessary alerts about the migration.

Getting started

Rollout pace

Available now.


Available to all Google Workspace customers