Introducing Gemini for Google Workspace, plus more AI offerings to better meet your business needs

What’s changing 

On February 8, we announced the next chapter of our Gemini era. As part of this change, starting today, the Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on is now called Gemini Enterprise. Gemini Enterprise includes full usage and access to generative AI features in Workspace, such as help me write, organize, and visualize, and more. Gemini Enterprise will continue to be the best way to get our most advanced AI features, like live translated captions in Meet. 
We’re also introducing Gemini Business, which is available to new and existing Google Workspace customers (see the availability section below for more details). Gemini Business is a Workspace add-on subscription which provides a subset of the generative AI features available in Gemini Enterprise, subject to monthly usage limits. With tools to enhance productivity, boost creativity, and save you time, Gemini Business is a good option for businesses looking to get started with generative AI. 
In addition, customers of Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business can now chat directly with Gemini through a new standalone experience ( experience, which starts rolling out today, is built on our 1.0 Ultra model*, and provides enterprise-grade data protections and admin controls. Gemini can be a starting point for work and a better way to research, brainstorm, and analyze information—all with the capability to double check responses with confidence. With a Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plan, your conversations are not used for advertising purposes, reviewed by human reviewers, nor used to improve generative machine-learning technologies. For more information, see the latest on the Workspace blog and our previous post on how we’re protecting your Google Workspace data in the era of generative AI. Roll out of Gemini starts today for Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business customers and will continue over the next several days.

Who’s impacted


Why it’s important

With these new offerings, businesses will have greater access to our robust suite of AI-powered features, which can be used to:
Research, brainstorm and analyze information in Gemini (, with access to Google’s 1.0 Ultra and enterprise-grade data protectionsDouble-check responses to validate information in Gemini ( with Gemini ( to get the words and visuals just right and easily bring the output from Gemini to your new or existing document, presentation, or emailHelp you write and refine emails in Gmail—even on the go from your mobile deviceHelp you write, refine, and proofread content in Google DocsGenerate original images for your presentations directly in Google SlidesCreate plans for projects in Google Sheets with just a simple promptLook your best in Google Meet with studio look Generate background images in Google MeetUse translated captions in Google Meet
Gemini Business is a great option for organizations looking to get started with generative AI. Gemini Enterprise will be the right choice for organizations that want to ensure full access to generative AI features from Google. Customers are able to have both Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise licenses in the same domain, providing flexibility in how they roll out generative AI in their organization.

Additional details

Gemini Enterprise is now available for Google Workspace Nonprofits
Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise add-ons can now be purchased by non-profits customers with a Google Workspace for Nonprofits subscription. Use this link to learn more about Gemini for Google Workspace and how you can get started today with a no-cost trial.

Getting started

Admins: Visit the Help Center to learn more about Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business for Google Workspace.Visit the Help Center to learn more about turning Gemini ( on or off for your users.


Gemini Business is available as an add-on for Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Frontline Starter, Frontline Standard, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Essentials Plus, and Google Workspace for Nonprofits.

We’re working to bring Gemini for Workspace to our education customers, and we look forward to sharing more about this in the coming weeks.

*Gemini ( is not currently available to Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business users working in Hong Kong, France, or French territories. However, all other Gemini for Google Workspace features are supported in these locales. Gemini for Google Workspace features are only available for users over the age of 18.