Managed reported Google Chat content from the new moderation tool in the Admin console

What’s changing

We’re introducing a centralized location for reviewing and taking action on reported Google Chat content in the Admin console under Apps > Google Workspace > Moderation, alongside the email quarantine tool for Gmail. Here can be found an overarching view of active and resolved reports, as well as additional information and context about reported messages, allowing for more informed decisions to be made.

Super admins will have access to the moderation tool and can also assign users the new “Moderate Chat content report” privilege. The new privilege can be assigned to users in your organization who are best suited to review Chat content, helping to reduce the burden on super admins.

Who’s impacted

Admins and designated moderators

Why it’s important

Google Chat is key to accelerating productivity and collaboration — content reporting and moderation helps ensure that information exchanged across Chat is safe and appropriate.  When a report is submitted by users, the moderation tool can be used to:
See all reports associated with the message (including those resolved in the past).Note that resolved reports will be removed from the Moderation tool after 180 days.Review the edit history of a message and conversation transcript, including up to five messages posted before the reported message.Conversation details provide information about the type of conversation (direct messages, group direct messages, or Spaces) with number of participants, space managers, guidelines, etc.
Using this information, combined with organization policies, admins and moderators can choose the best course of action, whether that be deleting a specific message or deleting an entire space before resolving the report. Additionally, moderators can add comments to the report for prosperity should the content require further auditing in the future.
The moderation tool can be accessed in the Admin console by selecting Apps > Google Workspace > Moderation.
Upon selecting a reported message, you’ll see a variety of information including conversation details and other reports for the message.
You can select “Show more” from the “Reported message” section to view up to five messages sent prior to the reported message.

Additional details

As part of this change, the moderation tool will also include a tab for managing quarantined Gmail messages. Visit our Help Center for more information regarding setting up email quarantine and the admin privileges required to manage quarantined messages. The Gmail tab is available to all Google Workspace customers.

Getting started

Super Admins: The moderation tool will be available by default and can be accessed in the Admin console by going to Apps > Google Workspace > Moderation or directly from this link: To view Chat content in the Moderation tool, you must enable content reporting for Google Chat. You can also assign the “Moderate Chat content report” privilege to other users in your organization.

Rollout pace

Rapid and Scheduled Release domains: Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility) beginning on January 22, 2024


Google Chat content reporting and moderation is available to Google Workspace Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, Education Standard and Education Plus customers