Meet Add-ons SDK available in Developer Preview

What’s changing

Today, the Google Meet Web Add-ons SDK is available through our Developer Preview Program. Developers can use the SDK to bring their app experience right into Meet. End users can install, open, and collaborate in apps right inside a meeting, either as the meeting focal point, or in the sidebar — all without ever leaving Meet.
Recently, we announced the availability of the Google Meet API through the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program. The Google Meet Add-ons SDK expands on these platform capabilities and allows developers to integrate apps and workflows directly into the Meet UI. There are two ways in which add-ons show up in Meet: the main stage of a meeting or the meeting side panel. The main stage allows apps to be the focal point of a meeting experience, unlocking the opportunity for add-on users to collaborate while in a meeting. The side panel allows users to to share data, take surveys, or update records while staying focused on the discussion in the meeting.

Partners such as Atlassian, Figma, Lucid, Miro,, and have already built and launched Meet Add-ons, and we’re excited to see what other apps and workflows developers will build into Meet’s highly-interactive surfaces.

During Developer Public Preview, add-ons can only be deployed within your domain and are only accessible when using Google Meet on the web. In the coming months, we will also launch Meet Add-ons SDKs for Android and iOS to expand these capabilities to mobile form factors.
To access the preview SDK, please join the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program.

Who’s impacted

Admins and developers

Why you’d use it

Using the Google Meet Add-Ons SDK, developers can integrate their apps directly in Google Meet. In turn, meeting participants can leverage these apps to collaborate on a whiteboard, brainstorm with the latest design files, and more all without leaving the Meet user interface.

Getting started

Admins: There is no admin control for the Meet Add-ons SDK. The availability of Google Meet Add-ons in meetings can be controlled through the Google Meet Admin Controls.  Visit the Help Center to learn more about admin controls for Add-ons.Developers:To use the Google Meet Add-Ons SDK, developers can apply for access through our Google Workspace Developer Preview Program. Our Developer Documentation has more information about using the Meet Add-Ons SDK.End users: Visit the Help Center to learn more about using add-ons with Google Meet.

Rollout pace

This feature is available now through the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program


Available to all Google Workspace customers