The Google Meet API is now generally available

What’s changing 

In November 2023, we announced the availability of the Google Meet API through our Developer Preview Program. Beginning today, the Google Meet API is generally available. You can use the Meet API to: 
Programmatically create and configure Meet calls Retrieve information about past meetings, such as the meeting times and attendees. Access meeting artifacts, such as transcripts and video recordings Subscribe to real time updates on meetings, such as when a participant joins or leaves 
For more information, please reference our original announcement.

Who’s impacted

Admins and developers

Why you’d use it

Integrating the Meet API in your product with the Google Meet API streamlines workflows and provides your product with Meet information that easily enhances your product offering. For example, partners such as Hubspot, Outreach, Salesforce, and Salesloft currently integrate the Meet API into their solutions to pull meeting recordings and artifacts into their conversational intelligence tools for analysis and sales coaching.

Getting started

Admins: You can manage domain-wide API access controls in the Admin console under the security menu. Please visit the Help Center for more information on API access controls and what requirements you need to use Google Meet.Developers: Use our Developer Documentation for more information about using the Google Meet API.