Updates to the Google Workspace Marketplace

What’s changing

In 2023, we introduced the ability for admins to install Google Chat apps to direct messages on behalf of users within their domain from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Now, end users can also discover and install Google Chat apps from the Google Workspace Marketplace. 

Additionally, users can now open the Google Workspace Marketplace directly from within Chat. This will include an enhanced browsing experience with curated app categories such as “Intelligent apps”. Lastly, developers can start publishing Chat apps on the Google Workspace Marketplace, allowing users to more easily discover, install and use the apps.

Who’s impacted 

Admins, end users and developers 

Additional details 

Chat app users can now leave reviews and flag any inappropriate Chat apps directly from the Marketplace app listing. 

Getting started 

Installation and usage of Chat apps for end users will be ON by default. Visit the Help Center to learn more about controlling user access to Marketplace apps and allowing users to install Chat apps. End users:
Visit the Help Center to learn more about using apps in Google Chat. Developers:
Visit the Help center to learn more about building Google Chat apps, publishing into the Workspace Marketplace and getting Chat apps featured

Rollout pace