Account modification
for Trace

To transfer your Workspace account to Trace you must complete the form below.
In this process it is necessary to generate a download code with Google, which you can do by clicking on the Generate Transfer Code which you will find in the right column of this page. During the transfer process, you will be asked for the partner code (ACCOUNT ID / PUBLIC IDENTIFIER), copy and paste the code that is informed on this page.

If you have never signed up for Google Workspace use the following form to subscribe to the service for the first time

Transfer of services
Full name
Full name
Intended payment plan
Confirm that you are the administrator of the account you wish to transfer and click on the "Generate transfer token" button to be assigned a valid code.

Account ID / Public Identifier

During the transfer process, you are asked for the partner code (ACCOUNT ID / PUBLIC IDENTIFIER).

Place the following Trace code: